Selecting the Right Cloud
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Surya’s guidance is important – our goal is to make sure that your evaluation of scalability, reliability and elimination of capital cost is compelling. This means that our definition of a strategic IT conversation stretches to optimization.

A deeper dive makes the decision less clear in the framework of enterprise IT.  The majority of current cloud services (Microsoft BPOS, Google Apps, etc) force you to share a common platform with thousands of other customers, creating security concerns.

The approach taken by these providers also makes it impossible to achieve the same level of integration that you take for granted in your current network.

Another major challenge with the current approach to cloud services is the challenge in bringing systems back in house or moving to another provider – none of these systems make this an easy process, creating a significant degree of lock in for your business to that particular solution.

The IDC Enterprise Group’s survey on cloud computing risks does an exceptional job of covering these points – please refer to the graph for a summary of their results.

Surya’s innovative private cloud solution, with full Active Directory Integration, Private IP Space, and the ability to bring the solution in house at any time, addresses these issues and allows our managed services customers to extend their enterprise networks into the cloud with minimal risk.

Examples of applications in the context of business continuity include offsite replication of Active Directory, File Servers (DFS), Exchange 2007/2010, and Microsoft SQL server. This replication can be structured to allow fail-over to the private cloud site in the event of primary site failure.

Many of our clients also use our private cloud services as a primary site for critical applications — retaining a minimal set of services at their site.

Surya private cloud services are an integral part of our managed services delivery model.

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