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Surya - Key Observations – ZertoCon 2017

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 Key Observations – ZertoCon 2017

This was my 1st ZertoCon event – billed as the premier business continuity & disaster recovery (BCDR) conference for hybrid cloud strategists – I found it to be energized, well evangelized, customer/partner/employee focused & very intimate - a great community. Approximately 750 attendees with a surprising global representation. Everyone here had a true love of the product – common comments included - amazing, lightning fast, ease of use, ability to easily test, continuously improving – this coupled with a genuine love of the company shared by all attendees truly stood out.

Here are some observations from ZertoCon 2017:

  • Zerto has 350 CSP’s in its network in addition to supporting AWS, Azure & other IaaS providers - Zerto CEO Ziv Kedem stated no one-size-fits-all cloud for customers. All are still wrestling with their cloud strategies - one commonality is that the end goal is more & more often not just business continuity, but IT resilience — the ability to bounce back from disasters like ransomware or a lost data center, but also to react swiftly to business-driven change, like moving a website to handle an unexpected spike in demand or facilitating M&A activity.
  • Vice President of Product Rob Strechay said that the company sees hybrid cloud environments becoming the norm for customers and that, in fact, Microsoft was all-in on developing the ability to do bidirectional migrations, including committing funding for the nine-month project, in response to customer demand – this is a key market differentiator.
  • To be clear, Zerto's goal is to have the same openness on all public & managed clouds, but for now, bidirectional migration is only on Azure.
  • All new functionality will be available via the API as well as the dashboard – easy, seamless.
  • Panel quote – “Customers don't care about the source of a disruption, they care about companies' ability to absorb impact" – echoed by attendees.
  • Excellent Partner Day - keynote from President Paul Zeiter – stated firm commitment to the channel & the phenomenal opportunity for partners with Zerto. Forrester analyst Stephanie Balaouras, Vice President, Research Director Serving Security & Risk Professionals, did an excellent presentation providing an overview of Zerto & the IT Resilience market. Next, Mariah West, Director Global Partner Marketing, did an outstanding job detailing to partners an in-depth roadmap on how to build their business with the Zerto Alliance Partner (ZAP) Program. Mariah was very helpful & insightful in several discussions I had with her - as a new partner, any & all questions were welcome as were insights & suggestions.

For Our Customers - Potential Service Area Improvements

  • Zerto Virtual Replication - capability to shift applications/data into & out of Microsoft Azure under existing licenses – this is an addition with significant implications for customers concerned with lock-in to a specific cloud provider. Due later this year with release 5.5., code-named Balvenie.
  • New Analytics Features - will enable ability to track trends in real time & generate historical views. – Also due later this year with release 5.5.

Zerto appears to be uniquely positioned as enterprises race to enhance resiliency across their application portfolio & accelerate their migration to cloud. Customers can accelerate & de-risk their critical business initiatives – like going mobile, transforming to cloud IT, or unlocking insights with analytics. Achieving business results that were previously unimaginable are now possible.

Zerto gets it – “Platform For Cloud” – Masters of Disaster & IT Resiliency!

Be Proactive not Reactive – Are You Ready?

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