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Surya - Key Observations – VeeamOn 2017

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Veeam On 17_Invitation.png Key Observations – VeeamOn 2017

This was my 1st VeeamOn event – found it to be exciting, collaborative, customer/partner focused & more intimate than larger ecosystem events – real sense of community. Tremendous growth YOY has caused an evolution of this signature event – approximately 3,000 attendees with a significant international component. In the past half dozen years, Veeam has become a market leader in the data protection space, adding 4000 customers a month & generating annual sales approaching $1B.

First released in 2008, Veeam has had excellent timing, providing an availability/protection solution designed for virtual machines as the IT industry shifted from physical to virtual servers.

Here are some observations from VeaamOn 2017:

  • Strong theme for this event – “availability for the always on enterprise”
  • Veeam CEO Change - promoted Peter McKay & Andrei Baronov to the position of co-CEOs, succeeding William H. Largent, who shifts to chairman of the finance & compensation committees. McKay was previously president and COO. Baronov previously was CTO
  • Announced a number of upgrades & additions with version 10 of the Veeam Availability Suite, which will be GA in Q3 of this year
  • 100 percent of the company’s revenue is partner-driven. Strategic alliances also will be key to that growth. Previously segmented between small & large companies by drawing a line at the 1,000 employee mark. But now, Veeam considers SMB is now 250 employees & below; the top 1,100 accounts are enterprise; and commercial is everything in between
  • Wants to grow from roughly $800 million now to $1B in 2018 then $1.5B in 2020
  • Strong emphasis now on service providers, as more of Veeam’s customers are using the cloud for the off-site part of their data protection infrastructure
  • Adding new features & functionality that their partner network (over 15,000 of which are CSPs offering cloud-based backup & DR) can sell as services in addition to selling software licenses & support
  • Announced a new Availability Console which enables service providers & distributed enterprises to deploy/manage Veeam services for virtual machines running on-site or in the cloud
  • Veeam is focused on displacing Veritas, Commvault, Dell EMC & MicroFocus for a $3 billion market share grab

For Our Customers - Potential Service Area Improvements

  • Veeam Agent for Windows - expands beyond Linux physical server support to provide support for physical Windows-based servers & laptops.
  • Veeam Availability Console - migrating, managing & protecting public cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc.)workloads, physical servers & endpoints 
  • Veeam vCloud Director Integration- includes adding direct restore to Azure, the ability to protect Amazon EC2 instances & policy-driven object storage support that includes Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Azure Blob & any S3/Swift compatible storage – greatly enhanced DRaaS capabilities.
  • Veeam Backup for Office 365 - adds support for SharePoint Online & OneDrive for Business, so companies can now recover documents as easy as they recover email - multi-tenancy, multi-repository & automation capabilities.
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) - for tier-1 application backup, continuous data protection (CDP), which enables lower RPOs.

By expanding their physical data protection support & by increasing customer/partner agility through stronger cloud support, Veeam appears to have strengthened their position in the enterprise data protection space. Veeam could potentially become a stronger player in the broader secondary data management space, if they continue to aggressively extend their data protection platform.

Veeam is unique - instead of launching its own cloud infrastructure, Veeam defers to partners to build & run their own clouds for end-customers. The idea is to deliver “to the cloud, from the cloud & within the cloud” business availability opportunities for all partners, instead of competing with them.

Veeam gets it – “Availability for the Always On Enterprise” is their passion & focus!

Be Proactive not Reactive – Are You Ready?

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