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Surya - Key Observations – ServiceNow Knowledge17

May 12, 2017 by Dion Gluck Uncategorized 0 Comments

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Key Observations – ServiceNow Knowledge17

This was my 1st ServiceNow Knowledge event – found it to be exciting, engaging & extremely customer/partner focused. Every ecosystem puts on a show of their own – in my experience, the unique networking & honest customer stories are always the best takeaways. Here are some observations on my “lightspeed” journey:

  • Customer Focus – 85% sessions, GE/Novartis Keynotes – ServiceNow really listens which is reflected in product roadmaps – CEO John Donahoe – “great customer experiences require engagement across functions” – key to “Lightspeed”
  • Automation & AI a key element in the future of the company - John pledging to “build, partner or buy whatever is necessary” in regards to machine learning
  • Partner Summit – evolving big time investment in ecosystem – partner with partners without competition
  • Dave Wright – keynote – Intelligent Automation –visionary & spot on – “enabling customers to achieve a quantum leap in the speed and economics of their business”
  • Ashley Haynes Gaspar – VP/GM Global Support GE – great insights – 10% Self Service Improvement Net GE $10’s Million Bottom Line – 1 Journey with 1 Set of Tools Reduces 95 Systems to 1 – amazing!
  • Keynotes by C J Desai, Farrell Hough & Sean Convery – excellent – detailed how to accelerate your enterprise to lightspeed with cloud services, the Now Platform & custom applications for every department & process
  • Announced Trusted Security Circles - cloud-based application gives enterprises the ability to share & receive hyper-relevant threat intelligence in near real-time - Secure & compliant - compliance certifications iso, soc, etc.
  • Non-stop cloud - cloud services - multi instance & scale
  • Upcoming release - few weeks - user experience & performance - Jakarta - expanded capabilities - shut door on 3rd party security risks - new vendor risk management
  • ITSM is core – always innovating – new asset management solution introduced
  • Employee self-service – easy access – new cloud management solution introduced
  • Consumerized employee service experience – name changes, promotions, etc. now seamless & easy
  • “Customer Service is a Team sport”
  • Striving & achieving to be effortless, connected & proactive across Enterprise

ServiceNow gets it – the evolution of “Enterprise @Lightspeed” is well underway!

Be Proactive not Reactive – Are You Ready?

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