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Surya - Disaster‐Recovery‐as‐a‐Service (DRaaS) with Zerto

December 07, 2016 by Dion Gluck 1 Comment


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Surya - DisasterRecoveryasaService (DRaaS) with Zerto

Cloud‐based disaster recovery has become the standard for companies looking to protect digital assets. But not every cloud is created equal. Expertise & experience are key to a successful DR plan.

What is Surya DRaaS with Zerto?

Surya integrates with Zerto to provide cloud‐based Disaster‐Recovery‐as‐a‐Service (DRaaS) that replicates VMs at the hypervisor level from your data center (or office)  to the secure, global AWS cloud.

This allows you to keep an up-to-date copy of your virtualized applications —  recovering & testing them as needed. This unique small‐footprint technology delivers exceptional results when married with the strength of Surya's advanced security features, value added services, and world class customer support. Surya's DRaaS with Zerto offers increased flexibility & boosts your ability to test recovery with recovery time and recovery point objectives that are tailored to your business needs.

Zerto Architecture - Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) - Surya

Why Choose Surya DRaaS with Zerto?

Unique Differentiated Expertise

With over eight years’ experience delivering DRaaS, we both efficiently & effectively deploy standard solutions – and have architected specific enhancements for almost every use case.  Surya works with you to identify network configurations, ensure security/compliance requirements & bring the necessary level of comfort with the solution.

Accelerate Recovery Time

Once you declare a disaster the Surya DRaaS solution can fail over in less than an hour.  Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) can be further tailored by tiering workloads (achieving RTOs in minutes in many cases). With its continuous replication technology, Zerto enables recovery point objectives of mere minutes (with tiering, this can be measured in seconds), ensuring very little is lost in the failover. 

Advanced Security & Compliance

Most organizations are first concerned about downtime due to a disaster. But, once the workloads are stable in the cloud, attention turns to their security & compliance. The Surya platform ensures that workloads are safe, secure & compliant – and that you seamlessly have access to all the reporting on those workloads.

Seamless Fallback

Another key challenge with disaster recovery solutions is the ability to fail back to the primary site in a seamless fashion. With the Surya Zerto solution — fail back is a key part of the test plan — and you can be confident that once your physical site is ready again, fail back will occur without issue.

Any Time DR Testing

The only way to ensure your DR plan will work in the event of real disaster is regular testing. With Surya DR services with Zerto, you get the flexibility to test your plan as needed.  Appropriate reporting is generated with each test, that can be filed for your organization's audit requirements.

Exceptional Customer Support

Every Surya customer has access to 24x7 support from our certified technicians. Our team will ensure you are rapidly deployed, testing successfully & fully comfortable with your DRaaS solution. And, in case of a disaster, our team is available to trigger a failover, if needed, at any time — ensuring continuity of your business.

So, What’s Next?

Reach out to Surya to learn more about our cloud‐based disaster recovery offerings & how they can help protect your business.

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