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  • Surya - Dealing with Disruption - Is Digital the New Normal?

Surya - Dealing with Disruption - Is Digital the New Normal?

February 27, 2017 by Dion Gluck All Things Digital 0 Comments

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Dealing with Disruption - Is Digital the New Normal?

Digital no longer represents merely one component of a larger strategy. It is now foundational. It’s no longer a question whether or not digital avenues will be considered but a question of how.

The old normal - traditional business with a growing digital element - value chain flowed in a linear, predictable pattern.

Consumers drive the digital new normal - the value chain is no longer static/linear but fluid/multi-directional. Digital is the central driver of future operating models, consumer relationships & revenue growth.

Time – think it…do it – speed rather than perfection wins…..

Cost – fail fast, fail cheap is the best form of learning…..

Accessstandardization of access with global reach…..

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Disruption Is the New Normal

Few established businesses have a single view of the customer. Ignorance of the customer journey is no longer acceptable in the digital age. These knowledge gaps present opportunities for aggressive new entrants or born-digital disruptors to move in quickly with a more customer-centric, service-based approach.

Typical Disruption Barriers

  • Organizational Silos
  • Legacy Processes
  • Cultural Resistance to Change
  • Lack of Innovative Thinking
  • No Digital Leadership Capabilities

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 Potential Steps for Digital Success – Surya Can Help

  • Create Your Digital Strategy – Need To Expand Your Innovation Ecosystem & Outpace Change
  • Understand People Are More Important Than Technology – Promote Digital Mindset & Develop Competencies
  • Transform Legacy Systems, Processes & Attitudes – Inspired By Customers – Driven By Business

Final Thoughts

  • Digital Is A Strategy Involving Cultural & Technological Evolution
  • Digital Transformation Can Be Evolutionary, Incremental & Iterative

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